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December 15, 2020

Most Demanded Jobs in Canada 2020+ Real Life Experiences

Thinking over where to head to in these times of COVID-19 situation if you are in Canada?

Or if you are looking for a few amazing jobs in Canada before you apply for a Work Visa…This blog will be a good read.

In 2020, Canada jobs for Indians are on the rise. Undoubtedly, the number is going to rise when the world is back to the “new normal”. So, it’s better to prepare beforehand. As there is no turning back when it comes to the opportunities that Canada jobs from India has to offer.

Canada jobs in demand which are suitable for almost everyone.

If you are on a student visa, the jobs you will be able to find will be purely with the help of agencies in Canada. Especially if you are in the area of Quebec, Montreal and so, you would easily find agencies who offer you work shifts on a daily basis.

One thing which should be clear is that hard work is the key to earning dollars in Canada when you are on a student visa. Leave alone the trials and tribulations one has to go through while working and studying side by side. Not to leave the expenses of accommodation, food and living that you will have to incur while studying and earning in Canada. That is why you should have enough knowledge about the Canada jobs in demand as it can cost you very heavily.

Reading blogs and informative articles about living and food as well as jobs, beforehand, can come in handy

Now talking about the real thing. Jobs you get while on a student visa are not at all dandy. Work can come up in shifts, day or night, heavy or light. You may have to work in a manufacturing unit packing bread and buns. Or you might end up lifting heavy blocks or bricks if you like to do the heavy lifting work. Supervision is one of the most sought after jobs when you are looking for shift work to earn some extra dollars to pay your rental bills and grocery.

You of course need an extra hand to pay for your fees. Sustenance will be hard if you do not have a financial backup. You might get stuck in between if you don’t have sufficient funds. Therefore, finding an agency in Canada for a part-time job or two, is a good thing to pay heed to.

Here are some tips on finding the agencies in a completely new environment:

First things first, get your US contact number as soon as you can. You should be reachable in order to make contacts. Makes sense! Right? It would be an amazing thing if you can get a hold of some of the contacts of the students who are already living in Canada. Might be possible you can get an introduction with some of them.

Also, getting contact numbers of the agencies and sending your Resume to them will help them get back to you with jobs that you are interested in. Most of the Canada jobs for freshers Indians 2020 offer around $8 to $15 who are on student visas.

This would be sufficient for you to live comfortably and keep little savings with you. With some personal life experiences,

I hope that this blog will help you in the journey of studying abroad.

Our primary goal has been to provide the best immigration services. Our vision is to assist our esteemed clients from the day you enter our office to the day you land in your dream country.


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